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In our current globalized world, a large part of economic consumption is marked by the availability of products in the market, making it vital for sellers and buyers to have the required goods and supplies, at the right time and place, in a timely manner. For this reason, freight transport has given a way to the birth of Freight Forwarder, a key player in the modern economy.

A Freight Forwarder is an agent that gives its support and advice to exporters and importers, thanks to its knowledge about the rules, rules and regulations in this matter of both the country of origin and the countries of destination, as well as the shipping methods and documents related to foreign trade. In addition, they can boost trade between economies at very different stages of development, as they can avoid artificial barriers that delay deliveries and increase the cost to the final customer.

We carry your merchandise anywhere in the world,

For this, it offers our clients a complete range of international transport logistics services,
customs management and advice among others.

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The shipper's role has also evolved to meet market requirements. In general, transport chains are complex, so the work of shippers resembles that of a true "transport architect", rarely acting as mere carriers. Nowadays, they can also assist in the preparation of the shipment, suggested prices on the costs of air or port charges, customs fees, documentation costs and insurance of the goods, among other variables.

They can also recommend the packaging methods that will protect the merchandise during transit, and if the exporter requests it, they can reserve the necessary space on a ship, plane, train or truck. Once the merchandise is ready to be shipped, shippers must review all documents to make sure everything is in order.

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